Zainab Imam

I am a former journalist from Karachi, Pakistan, currently pursuing an MPP at The University of Chicago’s Harris School of Public Policy. My focus is on urban policy, and I am particularly interested in transit.

I blog about public policy, particularly gender issues and urban affairs, and politics in Pakistan and the South Asian region. I’m also a Bollywood and cricket enthusiast, and often comment on culture. Please select one of the categories to your left to see posts from each topic.

If you would like to get in touch, please leave a comment on the blog or say hello on Twitter. If you would like to receive my posts regularly, please follow my blog via email. Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy reading.

Twitter: @zainabimam
Harris School twitter: @UChicagoHarris
Chicago Policy Review’s twitter: @chipolicyreview
Former employers: @etribune, @citizensarchive


14 thoughts on “About

  1. AOA Zainab, hope you are doing good, just read your blog titled The more they target us, the louder I will say ‘I am Shia’, brilliant piece of writing I must admit. I was myself deeply touched by the Abbas Town catastrophe and couldn’t help picking up my pen, I let my feelings flow in the following words, hopefully you would have a look.


  2. hey Zainab, this blog is a good read – just one request if you can change the font color and background a bit (in a way increase contrast) it will be really great, keep writing!

  3. Hi Zainab, loved your articles on indo-pak issues and overwhelmed to know that there so much positivity towards indiand by pakistanis….keep blogging and spread love through them 🙂

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