Dear Mubasher Lucman, thanks for putting me and my people at risk

And by my people, I mean Shias and journalists, Pakistanis whose lives appear of little consequence to you.

Who are you kidding? Your beef with Geo TV has nothing to do with your “religious sentiments”, unless you consider ratings your religion. You are not interested in defending people’s religious faith. You are not going to be satisfied with the TV channel apologizing for what you alleged is “blasphemy”. You will only be satisfied, or at least I hope you will be, when the TV channel has paid a price for it in terms of losing lives business. But in the process, you have put at risk hundreds of lives of people who are doing nothing but earning honest livings as journalists.

Actually, why am I even expecting you to bother about the journalist community? It’s not like you’re a journalist. What would a self-styled anchor like you who has barely ever set a foot in a newsroom know about the daily challenges that real journalists feel? People who don’t make money by using shoddy YouTube videos as sources for their reporting and inciting hatred against others?

And why am I even expecting you to feel the fear that Shias in our country feel? Why should you, a Sunni male, feel any fear in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan that puts you, your needs, and your religious sensitivities above mine – a Shia woman? If you empathized with this persecuted minority in Pakistan, which is battling with a virtual genocide, you would have thought at least twice before “dog-whistling” your way into the group that justifies the murder of Shias in our country.

Have you ever heard of the word “responsibility”? That’s what you should accept for pushing your viewers towards more hatred through your obscurantist rant.

Here’s some piece of advice from a person who’s a member of the communities you have directly threatened: Next time your piety bothers you, think about the show you did with Malik Riaz and how much “support” he provided you in that incredibly “honest” piece of reportage that you did. And maybe, if you have a heart, think about the production team of your own TV show – the people whose lives you just put in danger look, sound, and work hard just like them.


5 thoughts on “Dear Mubasher Lucman, thanks for putting me and my people at risk

  1. I am a Sunni Muslim and All Shia Muslims are my Brothers and Sisters too !!

    But Ager insan yeh soch ker Ghustakhoon k khilaf awaaz na uthaye tau masla ziada kharab hojaye ga in future. Aur i pity those people jo Shia Muslims ko blame ker rahay hein. Hazrat Ali R.A aur Ehl-e-Bait humein bhi utnay azeez hein jitnay Kisi shia muslim ko ya kisi bhi fiqay k muslim ko. Allhumdililah !!

    Good bless us all. Ameeeen !!

    PS : I have Shia name and i am Sunni and i love my name !! ❤ 🙂

  2. Dear Hassan, I really appreciate your comment, especially in today’s climate. But there’s no such thing as a ‘Shia’ name…it’s a common Arabic name which was also the name of the Prophet (PBUH)’s grandson. So it’s hardly specific to any sect, even though it may be more common among Shias.

  3. Dear Sunni Bhai and Shia Behan,

    after the apology by Geo morning show host Dr Shaista Lodhi, the matter should not be blown out of proportion and any attempt to do so is equivalent to spreading religious hatred among people

    The man Mubasher Lucman dont know what he is doing he is spreading sectarian hate through his propaganda through ARY and its unbelievable that what ARY management doing?They are fully supporting him SHAME ON MUBASHER AND ARY

  4. Mr Hasan, zara Quran aur Bukhari ya Muslim se saabit keejiye k gustaaKh ki saza maut hai…chaleN agar saza dena hi chaahte haiN to Khuda kehta hai k maiN dilke puKhta iraade pe pakRooN ga.. Ghalati pe naheeN… yahaaN to log naadaanista GhalatyoN ko pakaR kar blasphemy blasphemy ka shor yooN macha rahe haiN jaise Khud doodh ke dhule haiN!!

  5. What we need is dialogue not threats and by dialogue I don’t mean “Yes but not every Sunni.” That defeats the purpise of dialogue! Mubashir Luqman is an ass who makes his money on sensationalist reporting. I was done with his white noise when he reported that LGS now teaches Comparative Religions instead of Islamiyat… which was false and created unnecessary panic… I mean seriously how does he sleep at night?

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